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I.H.R.P. is a non-profit organization of human rights and legal professionals. 
Organisation provides expertise and advice on human rights litigation regarding issues of particular international, regional or national importance. It supports efforts to develop international and regional human rights standards, often through litigation before the European Court of Human Rights.
The organization started its activity in 2012. 
I.H.R.P.’s main goal is to contribute to the development of democratic statehood based on the principles of human rights and social justice. We believe that this is the prerequisite for Armenians, as individuals and as a collective, to develop free, dignified, and prosperous lives full of opportunity for human development.
I.H.R.P cultivates volunteer-based, non-profit, civically conscious, responsible, proactive and committed activist action and culture. 
This is one of I.H.R.P.’s founding principles.
Thank You For Your Business
Thank You For Your Business
Thank You For Your Business
Thank You For Your Business